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Soke Rod Sacharnoski -10th Dan

Soke Sacharnoski is the Founder and Head of Family of Juko Kai International, which is one of the oldest, traditional martial arts unions in the United States. In the Orient, he is considered to be one of the West's highest graded, non-asian martial arts masters. This remarkable, traditional martial artist, has approximately 50 years of training to his credits (1950 - present), earning all of his dan rankings under traditional Asian masters, and/or their official representatives.

Soke Sacharnoski is the only known non-Asian to be recognized and sponsored as Soke/10th Dan (Head Founder) in Okinawa/Japan. He is recognized Soke Shodai (1st Generation Head Founder) of the Juko-Ryu style of martial arts, and also the founder of the International Society of Non-Sport Traditional Judo (ISTJ). In addition, he developed and founded "Combat Ki," which is a one-of-a-kind system that has become world famous.

Currently Soke Rod Sacharnoski serves as the appointed International Director for the International Okinawan Martial Arts Union, Okinawan/Japan, the All Okinawa Seidokan Karate and Kubudo Renmei, Okinawan/Japan, and the Zen Kokusai Soke Budo/Bugei Renmei (the West's first Asian recognized Sokeship commission founded in 1970).


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